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Tony Snyder, Owner/President


With over 600 units produced over the past 50+ years, the six-component balance that is manufactured by Aerophysics Research Instruments, LLC, is the exemplar used in wind tunnels today.  Based on the exact design principles developed and used on the Task/Able balance line, our six component balance produces low interactions and possesses a self temperature compensating feature that cancels thermal effects on both bridges on Axial Force and Rolling moment.
The six component internal strain gage balance is basically a floating-frame type.  The primary frames consist of an inner rod, which fastens to the model support sting, and a cylindrical outer case, which is inserted into and attaches to the model. Forces and moments are resisted by individually removable elements, employing flexure pivots, connected between the inner rod and outer case of the balance.
The six force and moment sensing components of the balance consist of two normal force elements for determination of normal force and pitching moment, two side force elements for determination if side force and yawing moment, a dual chord [axial] force element and a dual roll moment.
The normal and side force elements are equipped with relaxation members at either end and are arranged to act in roll as a set of crossed flexures. Similar relaxation members provide compliance in the chord force direction. The rolling moment elements are provided with flexure pivots at either end which are designed to transmit pure rolling moment to the gage section. The dual chord element is located inside the dual roll element and transmits axial force from the outer case to the inner rod.
The arrangement of chord force elements provides complete mechanical compensation for radial temperature gradients. The two chord force element strain gage bridges are wired to produce a signal when the forces on the two elements are opposite in sign. (This occurs only when an external axial load is applied.) If there is a length increment due to change in temperature added all along the inner rod or outer case, each axial force gage will experience an increment of load having the same sign and the signals will cancel. Thus the sensitivity of chord force to temperature gradients has been significantly reduced.
Each balance is subjected to a performance evaluation to demonstrate satisfactory operation of all functions. It is expected that a more detailed calibration, tailored to the individual laboratory’s needs, will be performed by the user.
Please view our catalog for a complete list of sizes and load ranges of balances available. New load ranges are available upon request.

Electric Motor Production and Repair
We currently repair and produce new Task/ Able Electric Model motors.
Catalog to follow soon.
New designs available upon request.
Please contact Tony Snyder at
aeroinstruments@sbcglobal.net  for more information.
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